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The challenge before Native World Films is to convey the elements of indigenous cultures that can help people in developed societies live better.

It is not just the documentaries or conferences, where the extent of the contents is limited to showing the way of life of these ethnic groups; the aim of our project goes beyond that. These peoples can remind our society of lost values that are the basis of human emotional tranquility.


Africa Film Productions S.L.
Africa Film produces anthropological documentaries based on the study of indigenous cultures from all around the world.

The project was created by Dr. Francisco Giner Abati, chair of anthropology at the University of Salamanca, who combines a very active schedule of international academic work with frequent expeditions to Africa. Under his guidance, the company’s films have documented the daily lives of forty distinct ethnic groups, filmed over the course of Dr. Abati’s many expeditions. Offering detailed information in the form of popular science, they provide interested individuals with insight into many different ways of life.

Since 1984, these documentary films have been well received in Dr. Abati’s domestic market by academic and general critics alike, including the Spanish Geographic Society. Africa Film is an official provider and film producer for Televisión Española (TVE), which regularly airs the company’s projects in Spain.


Through its documentaries, Africa Film offers accurate, detailed information about ethnic customs among tribes who have had nearly no contact with contemporary industrialized civilization.

Over the course of the company’s expeditions, Africa Film offers humanitarian aid to the tribes studied, among whom the members of the film crew live side by side, as members of the group, for the duration of the filming. This allows Africa Film to obtain firsthand knowledge and to draw anthropologic conclusions intended for the non-academic public.
Toward these ends, the Africa Film team includes a range of multidisciplinary professionals. Dr. Abati is himself an expert in tropical medicine, and he uses his knowledge and skills to help the remote communities filmed. He is also an active advisor of several NGOs on the African continent, including the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF).

Many years of hard work have yielded a tremendous amount of scientific data, which is proving even more valuable as time goes by. Indeed, many of the documents in Africa Film’s archives relate to ethnic groups that no longer exist.


Due to the relevance and scope of the company’s project, Africa Film has amassed a large network of supporters. Casa Africa, an affiliate of Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is one of Africa Film’s most active partners.

In order to build on its success in the domestic market, the company is in the process of launching its products internationally.

Africa Film’s foregoing series ‘The Last Indigenous Peoples’ has received exposure in many noted universities worldwide and is to be made available internationally to the public.

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